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Setting up Python development environment - Pyenv, VirtualEnv, Conda

General, Tips · Published the 14 May 19
739 words · 4 min read
Setting up Python development environment - Pyenv, VirtualEnv, Conda Python support two major versions right now Python 2 and Python 3. If you are starting new project, it is recommended that you start with Python 3. There are however cases where you want to have both Python 2 and Python 3 in your development machine. Further, different applications using the same Python version might need different set of libraries. In addition, Python is very popular for doing data science and machine learning and there are environments and libraries available for doing this work.
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Gitlab Pages Domain and Subdomain verification

General, Tips · Published the 03 Nov 18
934 words · 5 min read
I am writing this blog in hope that someone else who is trying to do the same can some hours of their time and not go through the frustration I went through. In hindsight, it was right there but I couldn’t see it until I had the right tools to debug the issue. Enough of the ramble. Let’s get to it. GitLab Pages is a service that allows you to host your static web site from the git repository hosted on the same site.
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MyPassport 3TB USB Harddrive formatting in Mac OS

General, Tips · Published the 08 Nov 17
329 words · 2 min read
I recently bought a 3TB My Passport USB Hard Drive to use as storage for my cloud storage (OneDrive , Google Drive, iCloud). I tried setting up this device using disk utility in Mac but always ended with error “Erase Process has failed. Press done to continue” I just couldn’t get this done using the UI tool. I used the following command line instructions and was able to get it done.
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